Hello from the tea-side

Here we work closely with nature and support humanity’s experience of vitality, one cup of tea at a time. We are Catherine Derr and Joan Villanueva, and together we created the Happyness Tea & Spice Company, and this is our story.  

  • Meet Catherine

    Catherine began practicing American herbalism at a very young age in rural Wisconsin. While searching for a more balanced approach to herbs she discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her discerning palate led her to the culinary world. She wrote menus before turning 20. She traded her knife skills for formulation skills, spending the next decade in research laboratories

  • Meet Joan

    Joan entered the hospitality world while studying anthropology and economics. He stayed because he loved serving others and conjuring up a custom potion or two. Joan is a total teaist*; he drinks and knows things.

    *A lover or connoisseur of tea. - Collins

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The tea & spice elixirs

What do we do? 

Our knowledge and experience perfectly complement each other. Catherine pulls from American Herbal (western) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Eastern) to balance her blends. Joan is more experimental, creating memorable experiences that draw in all the senses. Together, we develop teas and spices to delight all pallets on a daily basis.

Something to delight the senses

Catherine and Joan collaborate daily to create uniquely blended teas and spices for everyday enjoyment. Our teas and spices will delight not only your taste buds, but also your memories. 

All our packaging is environmentally friendly and responsible. We are passionate about doing our part for the environment and the community, and are constantly searching for ways to improve and aid those around us. Keep your eyes open for these developments. 

Team is spelled tea mmmmm

  • I love them

    "Had a wonderful tea tasting and got great gifts for family & friends! Catherine & Joan were friendly & knowledgeable." - Christela GS


    "Excellent teas. Wonderful people. Island Breeze is one of the best I’ve ever had!"- Jamie Rios